Having an opportunity to create public military memorials is special and a unique opportunity. The memorials need to pay close attention to content -- thinking deeply about their iconology. Doing that, we can successfully create a ’landmark’ that inspires, rallies and speaks to the public about serious subjects -- enabling the public to respond with thanks and understanding. There is always a wonderful level of success in projects when collaboration is dynamic, contains the essentials of community participation, public professionals, community values and design leaders. Bold artistic expression reflective of a community’s core values produces a ‘language of space’ that is unique and timeless. To be a part of the effort to strengthen a community’s proper tribute to the tireless service of her first-line defense personnel and especially to be a part of a singular memorial that pays respect to the selfless sacrifice made by a community’s military corps is a tremendous privilege.
To this end, I offer my eager participation to help achieve the goal. My past military-related work in the public realm has shown sensitivity to the values and an understanding of purpose that is shared by the members of our Nation’s military personnel. Successful projects to date emphasize a uniqueness of place, reflecting collaborative skills of guidance, sensitivity and thoughtful design.” - Donna Dobberfuhl

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