terrigena sed infinitus© was commissioned by Northwest Florida State College for the school's Learning Resources Center.

Working with architect David Alsop, Sam Marshall Architects, Donna designed and sculpted four exterior panels for the LRC's breezeway.

The individually hand-sculpted brick panels incorporate mosaic and glass tiles, centering thematically on the Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water.

Design Approach: To reflect the school’s close association with its natural surroundings, I chose to use the Four Elements as the project’s design foundation. I then paired each element with a unique human skill to reflect and inspire the intellectual skills that we are called upon to nurture in our educational experience: Fire and Imagination Earth and Wisdom Water and Contemplation Wind and Conversation

terrigena sed infinitus: Fire© North Florida State College
terrigena sed infinitus: Earth©
terrigena sed infinitus: Water©
terrigena sed infinitus: Wind©
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