What is beyond likeness is the spirit.
So what may not resemble the physical me
is still very much like me.

-- Sato Issai, Japan, 1824

John Naka, Sensei© Life size bust
Rain© bronze @$2900 limited ed 15
Angel North©
Zoe II© Monumental Bronze
Andrea Quaratesi© lifesize
Andrea Quaratesi©
Andrea Quaratesi© lifesize
Abraham Lincoln© Mask bronze, $6500
Abraham Lincoln©
Lafayette© gypsum cast
Viking© half life size $4500
Durham Guardian©
Nude Study©
Waiting© each bronze, $900
Sunrise© approx 12" long, terra cotta patinae, $1500
You Were Saying© limited ed bronze, $900 each
Isolation© approx !!", each $900
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