-- Our Bridge to Infinite Possibilities

Panel 1: Fire (Imagination) Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have. It is the instrument of change — imagination causes change. The “fire” element of terrigena sed infinitus depicts flickering flames dancing about, moving and flowing throughout the design. Carved channels and ridges serve to move the flames about the panel, guiding the viewer to a recognizable figure form. The figure is floating (a thing we can do only in our imagination), reaching out for a bright-colored spark from the flames. The sparks are an assortment of varying sizes of square mosaic tiles floating throughout the imagery. These colored sparks serve as a metaphor for the ideas that come to us through reading, research and observation — ideas that are developed through our imagination. The panel’s variety of patterns and texture create contrast and an imaginary plane of creativity. A raised mosaic tile pattern of oranges, reds, yellows and translucent creams (compatible “Fire” colors) anchors the design and offers a sense of continuity to the companion three panels. Imagination: Our Bridge to Infinite Possibilities

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