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anel 4: Wind (Conversation) Conversation, our major form of communication, is a unique human quality. It is bold, soft and forever continuous. Words flow freely from one on one to the vastness of the Internet. The “wind” element of terrigena sed infinitus reflects the bold, soft and forever continuous nature of conversation — words travel upon the patterns of wind. The freedom of the wind’s flow is translated into swirls, lines and the sweeping movement of carved and incised patterns. As the wind freely carries the clouds and seeds, the bird and bees, so too does it carry of the butterflies of our spoken dreams and ideas — increasing their scale to fill the world. Again, the large mosaic pattern moves the viewer back into the swirling patterns of the wind and continues the relationship with the other three design panels. This panel’s soft colors of light blue, translucent and opaque creams, grays, pinks and pastels suggest the power of the wind and our speech (unseen but felt), giving us the movement, rhythm and familiarity of the air paired with the abstract of the words of conversation.


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