-- The Invisible Power behind Discovery
Panel 3: Water (Contemplation) Water flows in an infinite number of ways. Without water, there is no life. I paired water with contemplation. When I think of contemplation, I think of the ability to allow the mind to open up to the free flow of infinite possibilities. Allow time for contemplation and our thoughts mimic water, flowing unimpeded. The sculpted figure is in a casual pose — leaning against the wall thinking, meditating, contemplating — just relaxing to let thought dominate. The figure’s larger scale emphasizes the thought that can overwhelm us when we let it flow. Different patterns (abstracted in brick) are carved and incised throughout the panel to depict water. The mosaic tile follows the water patterns, putting color and sparkle into the design — a metaphor for the brilliant images that are manifested in the act of contemplation. Familiar images of the area’s aquatic life are placed randomly upon the swirls of carved pattern. The large mosaic pattern moves the viewer back into the water design and continues the relationship with the other three panels. Blues and greens sooth and calm us as does the sound of water and the gift of our meditations. 


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